Girl Boxers for High School Outfits

Girl Boxers for High School Outfits

How to Rock Girl Boxers: High School Edition 

The Importance of Comfy Clothes in High School 

Ah, high school. Where we try to look our best for the first two weeks of school, but eventually give in to the stress of schoolwork and decide that “you know what? sweats and a t-shirt will suffice”.

Still, for those first 10 exciting (or dreadful, depending on your experience) first days, we force ourselves to sit in those too-tight denim jeans while still solving logarithms and remembering that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Or if we’re feeling fancy, we’ll wear that cute new summer dress and hope to not get dress-coded (if that’s still even a thing). 

Finding Your High School Closet Essentials 

While walking around campus, sitting in class, or studying at home, comfortable and cute lifestyle pieces are always a good thing to have in your high school wardrobe.

After both going through high school ourselves and recognizing the importance of that go to pair of shorts ourselves, we created boxers for girls as the perfect asset for busy high school girls who are just trying to do their thing, stay comfy, and look cute while doing it.

Whether it’s after-school hangouts, music rehearsals, club meetings, or sports practice, boxers for girls are the perfect go-to's for both comfort and style. Plus, they are so versatile and you’ll never run out of different ways to wear them!

They go perfectly with hoodies, T-shirts, Tanks, and other basics but also can be dressed up with the right accessories and tops. Check out our Babeboxers Girl Boxer Style Guide for more ideas.


Girl Boxers for High School

Girl Boxers for Daily Wear 

With their lightness and movability, girl boxers will allow students to focus in class without any physical discomfort. Styled with an oversized t-shirt, crewneck, or crop top, the boxer outfit can be your unique, iconic look down the runway hallway!

While providing the relaxed vibe of sweatpants, boxers for girls will still have a pop of personality and design for that effortless look. Especially in the warm months of August and September, boxers are perfect for everyday school wear. 

The length of our boxers are also longer than your traditional short shorts, while still maintaining the same overall vibe and appearance. With these boxers (and double check out sizing guide to make sure), you will most likely be safe from school dress codes! Still, we understand that some high schools have stricter dress codes, and in that case they're still a great asset to any high school girl’s wardrobe and can be perfect for all after-school activities. 

Wearing Girl Boxers After School

We want to remind and inspire girls in high school who are working toward their dreams to keep working hard to achieve great things!

And yes, girls can wear boxers too!

We want our boxers to be so simple, reliable and carefree that you never have to worry about your clothing and just focus on what you do best.

After school’s out, and you're working on homework or studying, boxers for girls will keep you physically and mentally relaxed. After wearing them practically everyday ourselves, we believe every and all types of girls in high school can benefit from a pair of cute boxers.

Here are some occasions in which a pair of boxers would come perfectly in handy: 

  • Sports practice: Whether it’s morning basketball practice, an after-school soccer practice, an evening softball game, or a weekend cheer meet, athletes need a comfortable and airy pair of boxers to warm up in or wind down in at the start and end of each day. Boxers could serve as the perfect late-night homework apparel or even shorts to sleep in before the big game the next day. 

  • Creative hobbies and the arts: Constantly with new ideas in mind, artists need boxers for girls for that spark of creativity every day. These are the perfect shorts for you to express your creativity in—whether it’s theatre and drama class, art class, and more!   

  • Academics: This ones easy! When you’re studying, learning, or hard at work, you know a comfy pair of boxers will be your perfect late night or early morning study companion— plus an iced coffee of course! Again, we want our clothing to be something so solid that you just throw them on in the morning and don’t have to worry about them for the rest of your day. 

  • Music or Band Practice: Daily morning and evening outdoor rehearsals require shorts that check off both the breathability and movability components. Because of their airiness, they don’t even feel like you’re wearing anything - perfect for marching practice. Girl boxers can be your very own band boxer shorts for rehearsals. 

Whatever after-school or extracurricular activities you do, girl boxers can improve your routine and supply confidence, comfort, and strength. The BB Classics Girl Boxers provides perfect neutral colors for your daily outfits!

Girl Boxers for High School

Girl Boxers for Social Life 

Despite a high school girl’s busy schedule, taking out time to hang out with friends is a must-have. In particular, Friday night football games are the perfect way to wind down from a stressful fall week.

A pair of girl boxers that match your school’s colors will fit right with your school spirit wear and keep you in style for the night! While cheering on your team, chanting the fight song, your boxers will keep you relaxed and chic. 

Of course, football isn’t every girl’s cup of tea. A quick coffee date with a close friend needs a quick outfit: boxers! Specifically, for this occasion, our Latte shorts shine the perfect vibe of a coffee shop catch-up: comfy as something you would wear at home but cute enough to wear out. Pair it with a neutral-toned top, and a perfect cafe look is ready!

Finally, during new releases, the movie theater is a go-to to hang out with friends outside of the walls of high school. Sitting down in those cinema seats, it’s crucial to have clothes that are light and easy to get cozy in (After all, you will be sitting there for 1 ½ - 2 Hours!).

Are you debating between pajamas or girl boxers? We put some arguments in for both sides.

Boxers for girls are your best bet - feeling airy and loose like loungewear while still looking like a trendy piece of lifestyle fashion. 

Girl Boxers: The Perfect Clothing for High School Girls 

All in all, our versatile boxers are perfect for all high school girls, whether they have an athletically, artistically, or academically oriented personality.

Boxers for girls fit the needs that all high school girls have - a versatile, staple pair of bottoms for any occasion. So simple and cute, these boxers can be styled to express your personality in and out of high school with different tops, shoes, and accessories. 

If you don’t already have your pair of girl boxers, what are you waiting for? Check out our girl boxers store for a variety of colors and looks.

P.S. A warning might get addicted to the comfort and versatility of these boxers. Yes, really - they are that amazing! 

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