Can Girls Wear Boxers?

Can Girls Wear Boxers?

Introducing Girl Boxers

What Are Girl Boxers And Why are They the New Must-Haves?

While boxers are typically recognized as men’s underwear, we’ve recently discovered that they are also the perfect wardrobe addition for girls.

If you think about it, who couldn’t use a pair of comfy and versatile shorts to throw on with ease every morning. Boxers are such a low effort piece of clothing in the sense that they go with practically everything, can be worn alone or under sweats, can be worn in practically any setting, and are so comfortable that you’ll hardly even notice you’re wearing them. We've put together the perfect guide for how to style girl boxers.

The short answer is absolutely— girls can wear boxers. And Babeboxers has got you covered with cute designs, quality materials, and a fit catered to flatter women of all shapes and sizes.

For the long answer, continue reading. 

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Boxers for girls 

Finding ideal lounge shorts at a reasonable price is a challenge we’ve tackled since the beginning. So many shorts out there are too short, too stiff, too tight, too fancy, too thin, too expensive— those of you who frequently browse for loungewear and searching for the perfect pair of shorts to wear every day might relate.

The perfect short, to us, means something that we feel comfortable wearing, and something that makes us feel cute as we’re wearing it. While traditional male boxers were able to check off that “comfort” requirement, they certainly lacked in the design and visual department.

That’s where Babeboxers steps in, taking the comfort, concept, and versatility of men’s boxers and tailoring them towards girls and women of all shapes and sizes, aesthetics and styles. We even think girl boxers are better than pajamas.

Boxers for girls are the future of wardrobe and lounge essentials. #boxersforgirls 

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How to Wear Boxers as a Girl 

This is a question we love to answer because the possibilities are endless. As avid boxer wearers ourselves, we’ve found so many uses and perfect opportunities to wear them either out or around the house.

The key about boxers for girls is to get creative while staying comfy. Boxers are so versatile that there are so many combinations that will look great when paired with them. 

Casual Outfit Ideas

Boxers are great for a casual day. Our cute girl boxes will elevate your easy and chill outfits or your at home loungewear outfit. You can wear girl boxers as underwear, lounge shorts, or both!

Boxers are an easy product to pair or mix and match with basics for easy, go-to, comfy, and trendy outfits—we also have a variety of designs for you to choose from, whether you have a more neutral and minimalistic style or are searching for a pop of color. 

  • Boxers with oversized T-Shirts:

    We put this as the first idea because boxers just fit perfectly with oversized T-Shirts. Do you own oversized T-shirts that are meant to be worn as a T-Shirt dress? Sometimes it can be a hassle to find something to wear under those long T shirts that maintain that same essence and aesthetic of comfort and breeziness. Boxers are the perfect These perfect light and airy bottom pieces to be paired with oversized T-shirts for a comfy, cute, and breezy outfit loungewear or going out outfit.

  •  Boxers with Tank Tops and Crop Tops:

    Similar to T shirts and oversized T shirts,  boxers naturally pair super well tank tops and crop tops. They look super trendy, clean, and simple when paired with tank tops and crop top designs (think halter tops, strapless tops, tube tops, long sleeved crop tops, and more). Depending on your style, there are also many ways in which you can dress it up with accessories or keep it nice and simple. Overall, there are many designs on our site that will easily and smoothly pair with tank tops and crop tops of all varieties. They go great with basics! 

  • Boxers with Hoodies, Zip-ups, and crewnecks: This one’s easy— for all of you to go to comfy tops (think your favorite hoodies, zip ups and crewnecks) is a pair of boxers waiting to be worn. If you’re in college or highschool and you have university merch or apparel, these boxers will pair perfectly. Wear this outfit to the dining hall, hanging out in the dorms, or to your next study session. Not only does it make for a super cute outfit, it’ll also be so comfy and easy to wear. Boxers are also the perfect way to add a splash of color (or keep it simple) to neutral colored or basic hoodies and crewnecks. This is also a great way for you to sport monotone outfits— think a matching light blue crew neck or cropped hoodie with a pair of light blue boxers. We have almost every color, so take your pick! 

  • Boxers with Sports Bras, athleisure, or swimwear: Boxers by nature can also be easily incorporated into athleisure These go great with sports bras on a really hot day, on a hike, during light exercise, hitting the gym, or after a yoga, spin, dance or any kind of workout program. They can easily and seamlessly become a great addition to the athleisure section of our wardrobe since they're so breezy and lightweight. Similarly, these are the perfect beach day essential, working as a cute and convenient coverup for swimwear. Wear these over your bikini bottom on the way to the beach or by the pool! Make boxers practical by wearing them under sweatpants for added convenience to deal with temperature changes before and after working out! 

  • Boxers with Bralettes or Pajamas: These boxers look really great with simple or lacy bralettes for a trendy loungewear outfit. Boxers are also super ideal for pajama bottoms since they are so lightweight and comfortable. Wear this as your new favorite pajama shorts when you’re chilling in doors, getting ready for bed, or having a sleepover or movie night with friends. 

  • Boxers as a Matching Set: These are perfect for wearing with a matching top— for matching sets, pair a solid color top with a solid color boxer, a tie dye top with our tie dye options such as pink boxers or ombre tops and sweatshirts with our ombre color line. 

Dressed Up Girl Boxer Outfit Ideas

Yes you heard that right— you can also incorporate these boxers (pretty well I might add) into dressier outfits perfect for a cross between casual-cute outfits and dressy-cute outfits. Here are some ideas for how to dress up your outfits with boxers for girls. 

  • Boxers with a trendy top (and a cardigan, if it gets cold): Lately we’ve seen our boxers pair well with trendy tops such as corset tops or bustier tops. We love our more colorful designs, such as Cherry or Babe Energy when worn with fancier tops such and topped off with a cue jacket or cardigan. It’s the perfect mix between cute and casual—and comfort, of course. Our boxer designs also pair great with blouses, tie up tops and other trendy designs and materials. When spruced up with some accessories, boxers look great with dressier materials such as satin, silk, lace, or velvet! 
  • Boxers with Collared Shirts or Dress Shirts: These boxers look surprisingly when paired with business casual— pair with oversized button shirts or collared shirts for a classy breakfast in bed look. We recommend pairing our slate girl boxers with a light, cool colored dress shirt. 
  • cute mirror selfie with iphone and aesthetic girl boxers

    Where can I find girl boxers or get more ideas?

    Overall, these shorts are so simple and clean that they can be paired with a variety of other apparel, styles and accessories. Hopefully these photos gave you a couple of ideas for how to incorporate boxers into your wardrobe and into your go-to outfits.

    For more inspiration or visual references, feel free to visit our girl boxers style guide or follow us on Instagram and TikTok for inspiration and updates on how to wear and style girl boxers.

    Find your perfect pair of girl boxers!


    Boxers for Girls: Loungewear Staples

    While Boxers have been in the past largely directed towards men and only regarded as underwear, we think that they are perfect for girls to wear on a daily basis with so many different outfits and on so many different occasions.

    The best part of all is that they can become your staple short, adding an element of daily comfort and style to your wardrobe. 

    TLDR: yes, girls can wear boxers—ladies, I think you’ll love them. 

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