Below are some common questions regarding girl boxers. We also have plenty more information and inspiration on the BB blog. If you have other questions about Babeboxers or your order, please send an email to babeboxers@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

65% cotton and 35% polyester

Each item is custom designed and dyed. You can find care instructions specific to your boxers on the product page. Generally, we recommend to hand wash your boxers for the first few washes. Afterwards, machine or hand wash with like colors, and ideally with cold water.

You can email us at babeboxers@gmail.com or find us on Instagram @babeboxers.

We are a sister team based in California and working across California and New York!

The experience of comfortable meeting with cute... we want you to love your experience with girl boxers as much as we do! Try them and if you don't absolutely love your boxers, we'll issue a return. Satisfaction is guaranteed ♡