Girl Boxers versus Pajama Shorts: Which One is Better? 

Girl Boxers versus Pajama Shorts: Which One is Better? 

Girl Boxers versus Pajama Shorts: Why are we making this comparison? 

So in today’s Babeboxers blog, we are going to be discussing a comparison between boxers and other types of pajama or loungewear bottoms out there.

Why is this important?

Because we think you deserve to be comfortable and get the absolute best of what’s out there in the world of loungewear. After all, if you’re going to wear something every night or during the day, we want it to be of the highest quality at a bargain price.

As avid shoppers in this loungewear market, we have been through the thick and thin (quite literally) of the lounge and pajama bottoms online and in the mall. Keep reading to find out what we think is the best criteria to look for in loungewear. 

girl wearing light blue lounge pajama shorts

Quality sleepwear or loungewear: Why it's a good investment

In our experience, there are a few staple essentials that every closet must have to ensure that your wardrobe has got you covered in a wide variety of situations (again— quite literally).

Ladies, I’m sure you’re already well aware of this fact. For the girls like that are the life of the party, you’ll need your go-to little black dress. For the girls that like to be comfortable (which I’m pretty sure is also 99% of girls), you’ll need your go-to hoodie, zip-up, or sweatshirt.

Just like we think every girl could use a plain white T-shirt to be worn and paired on a variety of occasions, we think every girl could use a solid pair of lounge shorts to improve not only their closet, but their lives as well.


Because lounge shorts are something that, if made well, can be worn repeatedly and therefore get the most use out of. Check out our style guide for cute and trendy ways to style girl boxers.

You know those clothing pieces that you bought but only have worn once or twice in your life?

We guarantee you that lounge shorts will certainly have the opposite effect .

To us, the perfect pair of lounge shorts means something that you will love so much in terms of design, comfort, fit, and wearability that you’ll find yourself wearing it practically every day, as long as the occasion or weather allows.

Are you convinced yet? Intrigued?

Keep reading to learn about why we think boxers for girls are the answer to your loungewear needs. 

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A Look at Boxers for Girls  

Let’s start with the basics. What are boxers for girls?

They are a pair of lightweight, easy to slip-on shorts that are so airy and soft that we swear it feels like you aren’t even wearing anything—that’s how you know something is truly comfortable.

What’s even better about these though, is that not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they are also very aesthetic, cute, and flattering on almost every body type. This is due to their flowy nature that accentuates your curves and the legs and is either tight or flowy in all the write places.

With very few elements—namely, soft and loose cotton, color and print designs, and a waistband, these shorts will go with just about any item in your closet, and any aesthetic of your liking.

Think about it— boys wear these things every day as underwear. So they must be comfortable right? And while you may be wondering whether something that boys wear as underwear can come off as cute on girls too, the answer is yes.

Absolutely yes. Girls can wear boxers too!

This is because Babeboxers creates boxers meant for girls— not boys. How did we do this?

We simply took our inspiration from the mens boxers that we stole from our boyfriends, and maintained all the good aspects— the comfort, the airiness, the convenience— and then customized and improved the parts we think had more potential— the fit, the material, the design, and the variety of options.

Thus, we now have several lines of boxers that were made for girls and women just like you, who just need that staple pair of go-to shorts in your life. Don’t worry, we were once in that position too.  

emerald green cute pajama set for girls

A look at Pajama shorts 

Before the existence of Babeboxers, we were always— and I mean always— on the lookout for  lounge shorts and pajama shorts.

We were looking for products that were cute, flattering, not too long and not too short, comfortable, and within a reasonable price range.

This often led us to brands such as the Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Aerie, and more. However, until we came across boxers for girls, we found that it was actually quite hard to come across the perfect product through big brands such as these. As a previous frequent shopper of Pink and Victoria Secret, we noticed that not only were the products way too expensive for the quality and worth of the product, but they also had undesirable features to them as well.

In our experience, the shorts there were usually too short and too thin to be worn in public. The length of these shorts were always skewed too short, and this made them difficult to wear on many occasions and also easily frayed or worn-out.

Moreover, shorts at these brands tended to miss an element of lifestyle. It was difficult to find shorts from these brands that struck the perfect balance between lifestyle, lounge, and pajama.

For example, it was easy to find a pair of shorts that were meant for lifestyle wear, but they wouldn’t work well as pajamas or loungewear. And it was also easy to find products that were perfectly suitable for pajama wear, but then they wouldn’t work well as lifestyle shorts.

Several shorts that we’ve bought from these brands in the past we noticed would cause chafing, wrinkle up and become shorter, were made of too-thin or see-through material, were designed to look too much like sleepwear, or were too short to be worn without worry.

Taking note of our experiences with these products helped us cultivate the perfect pieces that would suffice and be loved as both lifestyle and pajama wear— boxers for girls. 

Boxers versus Pajama Shorts: Why we recommend Girl Boxers 

Babeboxers and our uniquely customized boxers for girls were built on the foundation of comfort, lifestyle, and simplicity. Our boxer shorts are built on the foundation of ease and wearability— they were the product of us looking for a pair of shorts that we could throw on every day and never worry about again.

As teenage girls ourselves, we know what teenage girls want.

Based on our experiences cycling through what the loungewear market has to offer, we wanted to offer girls just like us something more authentic to their needs and wants.

We are all about the seamless transition from lifestyle to lounge. Something you can wear to sleep comfortably, but also wear to your school's campus, a coffee run, your friends house, any occasion really. 

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