Megan Alison- Snapchat Software Engineer and TikTok Star

Megan Alison- Snapchat Software Engineer and TikTok Star

Megan is one of Ally’s best friends from college. They both attended UCLA in Los Angeles (one year apart!) They met when Ally founded Social Media Consulting at UCLA, the college’s first digital media club. Since then, Megan and Ally have helped each other take photos, explored many different aesthetic corners and brunch spots in Los Angeles, and continue staying in touch and inspiring each other.
Now, Megan is working as a Software Engineer at Snapchat in the Santa Monica office. She continues creating content around fashion, food, and traveling. Megan is such a go-getter! Today we're learning about some of her favorite everyday things as well as some dreams and inspirations.

Babeboxers Q+A with Megan Alison:

Zodiac sign: Aries♈️
Favorite Quote: “set your mind on things above, not on earthly things” - Colossians 3:2
A dream of yours: to live abroad in Europe!
How do you treat yourself? Ordering my favorite meal (sugarfish) or shopping spreee
Where can I find you on a Friday night? Making charcuterie and cocktails with my friends and watching scary movies at my apartment
What’s your go-to outfit for your Babeboxers? Cropped sweater + babeboxers to lounge around in at home! (P.S. you might notice her on some of our packaging and welcome discount cards, thanks Megan! <3)


You can find Megan on Instagram and TikTok

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