What are boxers for girls? Are girl boxers underwear or shorts?

What are boxers for girls? Are girl boxers underwear or shorts?

Girl boxers- are they considered underwear or shorts?

While boxers have usually been limited to underwear for men, their comfort and simplicity can come in clutch as loungewear for girls as well. Over the past couple of years, we’ve casually worn boxers around as shorts and thoroughly enjoyed them. The thing about boxers is that they are such a convenient and “easy” choice of apparel— as convenient as women’s apparel really even gets anyway. Think of them as the dearly-loved oversized T shirt of your wardrobe, except the “bottoms” version. You know that one oversized T-shirt in your closet, the one you probably wear way too often? The way you feel towards that perfect oversized T shirt is how we feel towards boxers— specifically, boxers for girls. 
Before we continue, let’s get one thing straight: you can wear boxers however you’d like—as either shorts or underwear, you get as much freedom as you want with these loose, comfy, boxers for girls. We believe in clothing that doesn’t limit us, ever, in any way.  

two best girl friends wearing cute matching girl boxers in pink and blue

Girl Boxers are as Comfortable as your favorite oversized T Shirt 
Since you may not have yet heard of, come across, or owned a pair of “boxers for girls,” let’s use an oversized T shirt to compare and contrast. Now, let’s start with the similarities between these two.To state the obvious, they are both super comfortable and wearable pieces of apparel. On days that you’re tired, happy, sad, lazy, or literally in any mood, you won’t mind wearing these. You’ll actually probably be thankful that you own an oversized T shirt (and likewise, boxers for girls) because it's one of the few things (besides sweats probably) that you wouldn’t mind wearing on any given day, in any given mood. Boxers for girls have a comfortable stretchy waistband and a loose, airy, flowing fit. You won’t have to worry about them chafing, rising up, or causing you any other discomfort throughout the day. You probably won’t even realize you’re wearing them— that’s the kind of comfort we hope to provide girls all over the world, starting with you. 

Boxers for Girls are Versatile and Easy to Pair 

Next, let’s talk about versatility. The forgiving and flattering nature of boxers allows it to pair super well with a wide breadth of other wardrobe pieces— from the essentials, to the basics, to the items with a bit of flair. For inspiration on how to wear boxers for girls, check out this article here: Boxers for girls: How to style them.  For more visual inspiration, you can also check out our girl boxers style guide, which features girls from all over the nation styling their boxers with their own, unique take. Visit our style guide here. Just for starters, girl boxers pair perfectly with tank tops, halter tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, short and long sleeved crop tops, zip up jackets, and different types of athleisure tops. In our personal experience, They naturally pair great with different types of merch and especially college apparel. So much so that we also created a line catered specifically to college students, you can check out our collegiate line here. Our influencers and ambassadors also love to wear their boxers in more creative ways as well, such as paired with bralettes, blouses, and other trendy tops. 


Boxers for Girls: Find a design that speaks to you

Lastly, with these types of simple items, there’s some room for personality. Think of boxers and oversized T shirts as a blank canvas. For T shirts, you have a wide variety of designs and prints that you can choose from— you better pick carefully too, as you already know you’ll be wearing that T-shirt at least every other day. Whether it's a vintage band or cartoon, a quote, a logo, a tie dye, or a print, you get to choose the design that appeals most to you, who you are, and what you like. At Babeboxers, we’ve lived our whole lives as customers, and we fully understand the process of searching for clothing and unique designs that you would love to incorporate into your closet. When it comes to our boxers, we want to offer you the same choice and creativity in designs— something that men’s boxers tend to lack. We have over 30 handmade designs that we think you’ll love. Check them out today at babeboxers.com— pick a pair that speaks to you. 

aesthetic influencer wearing neutral basic girl boxers loungewear shorts

Simple clothes that allow you to focus on yourself 

How can something like clothes help you focus on yourself? This is where boxers for girls are Babeboxers’ take on loungewear. On productive days at home, especially during 2020 when quarantines were put in place, comfy, wearable loungewear was key to a productive and enjoyable day at home and maybe even an occasional coffee or take-out run. This seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors is something we were looking to create in our product. This is because we believe the perfect pair of loungewear is something that we don’t have to change out of or feel out of place in in public or outdoor areas as well. That’s something we personally were looking for in loungewear, as many products we’ve purchased were too short, too thin and flimsy, or too pajama-like to comfortably wear on the wide variety of occasions that we hoped to stay in loungewear, in addition to lounging around the house. Boxers for girls are hassle free and carefree. They are simple and comfortable. They’re something you’ll love to wear, with a look that you’ll love while wearing. Those were the directions we followed when guiding us to create and bring you our product, boxers for girls.  

emilythebear wearing neutral latte girl boxers

Boxers for Girls will be your new go-to shorts: 

If you're anything like us, you might find that you ended up becoming addicted to wearing boxers for girls instead of any other types of bottoms— leggings, athletic shorts, spandex, and god forbid, uncomfortable denim. Consider this a warning— these boxers may be addicting. But this wearability is why we think boxers for girls are a worthy investment that can bring you comfort and joy in a daily dose of soft cotton shorts. Ladies, feel free to wear these boxers as underwear or as shorts as you please. The point is to do what makes you feel the most comfortable. All in all, this has been a pretty in depth tribute to the comfort of girl boxers, so if you remember one thing about boxers for girls and what they are, then remember this: boxers for girls are the bottoms that you will find yourself reaching for on almost every occasion. 


  • Anto -

    When worn as shorts, do they need additional underwear underneath? As in they probably don’t, when worn as underwear being it the underwear, so I guess it depends on whether an individual finds more convenient to always have more than one layer over that zone?

  • Joan -

    Female clothing needs some serious redesigning . We wear what’s on the market and don’t have much input. The waist and leg openings are binding, ….so much so, that I had to switch to lace. A bit better. My legs bindings get so constricting during the day that my legs swell. I’m now trying men’s boxers. I’m seriously considering switching to them.

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