Rising Actress Lily Aranda

Rising Actress Lily Aranda

Lily Aranda looks amazing and radiant in our CHERRY girl boxers from the Babe Energy line!

Lily is signed with The Agency Arizona and is a young actress who recently moved to Los Angeles (We love her dream-chasing and artistic energy!) She recently starred in the Council (2021) - you can learn more about her acting career on her IMDB.  Today we'll be learning more about some of her favorite things and upcoming plans.


Babeboxers Q+A with Lily Aranda.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Favorite quote: “Don’t be afraid to change. You may loose something good, but you may gain something even better.”
Dream: My dream is to be a role model for younger kids that are aspiring to follow there dreams! Also a successful actress!
Treat myself: I usually treat myself with a nice relaxing bath and getting my nails done every once in a while.
Friday Night: Friday nights you’ll either find me staying in and working on doing something that will help my career or partying with my friends!
Project I’m working on: I’m working on a television sitcom right now!
Go to outfit with my boxers: A cute tank top with my boxers for a nice cute cozy day!

lily aranda actress wearing babeboxers

Find Lily on Instagram and TikTok.

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