Babeboxers Ambassador Program

★ BB Ambassador Brand-Awareness Collaborations (social media posts and/or creative campaigns)

★ Spreading the word online and organically about how awesome our girl boxers are!

★ Engaging with our brand (liking and commenting on social media, leaving reviews for boxers you receive, answering occasional surveys, etc.) 

★ Participation in our seasonal ambassador campaigns and initiatives which will be sent out via email to ambassadors only (we’d love if you participate in the ones that interest you/fit your brand.) 

★ Open Communication on both ends! We want this program to fit into your lifestyle and support your content creation.

Babeboxers Ambassador Program Content Guidelines

Expectations for creative campaigns/projects:

  1. Show boxers clearly with good lighting
  2. Tag us on social media @babeobxers
  3. IG/TikTok or Youtube post: show boxers in content, include either Babeboxers or “girl boxers (or similar phrasing)” in any caption boxes
  4. Send us a copy of the original file in it's highest quality
  5. Notify if content is running late